Reclaimed Oak Butcher Block Lumber

Before metal took its place, oak flooring was used in Railroad Cars and Semi Tractor Trailers. No longer in use, these wood boards have been carefully removed, keeping their integrity intact. Years of use has aged them beautifully and given them extraordinary character. They are ready to be repurposed as dining tables, kitchen counters, bar tops, benches, mantels... anywhere you need strength and beauty combined. They can be planed  down to original butcher block, or sanded, stained and poly coated, or even left as is. 

Tractor Trailer Boards are 1 1/2 thick and come in 8 and 12 foot lengths (call for longer planks). Boxcar (Railcar) Boards are 2 1/2" thick and come in 9  foot lengths (Length can vary. Call for in-stock availability.

Both options are 12 " wide.

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